The Australian forgets that it was Liberals stacked AAT

The Australian has decried the AAT as ‘politically stacked’ some time in the ‘past three years’. Who was responsible, we wonder?

(Image: Zennie/Private Media)
(Image: Zennie/Private Media)

Remind me again, who was it that stacked the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) with its political mates, cronies, hacks, former staffers, failed candidates and those generally needing somewhere to go after being voted out of government?

Today, incomprehensibly, Australia’s national daily failed to nail the Coalition government as being responsible for what is very likely the most egregious and audacious stacking ever of an independent government body.

The Australian has found a sudden concern for the integrity of the AAT, given it is set to have the power to sign off on warrants for anti-corruption investigators to tap the phones of pretty well any current or former public official up to and including the prime minister. The powers are found in proposed legislation for the government’s new national anti-corruption commission.

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