Review: Citi Simplicity Credit Card

% introductory APR for 21 months on balance transfers: A single of the longest introductory periods on harmony transfers we’ve come across, you will get a % intro APR on the stability transferred for a comprehensive 21 months, which suggests you are going to have virtually two several years to shell out off your balance.

% introductory APR for 12 months on buys: You can expect to also get a % intro APR on new buys for the to start with 12 months. This is a beneficial perk if you prepare on buying everything with the card.

Decide on your payment owing date: A small flexibility can go a prolonged way when it arrives to taking care of your funds. The card allows you opt for from any offered payment day, whether or not it truly is in the commencing, middle, or end of the month. That way, you can set up automated payments that are aligned with your paycheck.

No late fees: 1 of the most one of a kind benefits is that there are no late costs, at any time. While you should really always pay out your invoice on time, simply because late payments can even now have an affect on your credit, it really is awesome to know that you is not going to be billed if you do slip up and overlook a payment.

No penalty APR: If you miss some payments, most credit playing cards will raise your interest level to their penalty APR. Citi® Simplicity® Card never ever charges a penalty amount, so your APR isn’t at hazard of growing owing to late payments.

No yearly rate: This card will come with no once-a-year payment, which is an significant attribute if your aim is to pay out off debt.