Just Over A Month to Election Day in America

Just Over A Month to Election Day in America

While most are acutely aware of the numerous tweets from the sitting President, Donald Trump, it is high time to call the bluff about mail ballots.

If Trump was ahead in the polls, he wouldn’t be talking about this, but he is so focused on words like cheating, fake, crooked and other negative words that people are growing tired of hearing about these elections…

The good news is that it is soon over. November 3rd is just around the corner. 38 days to be precise.

Even in the unlikely even that Trump achieves re-election, it would at least be the final term. The American constitution is clear about that, even though Trump has suggested running for a third term, much like the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who has ruled Russia for decades. But one thing is the rhetoric – the constitution won’t be changed any time soon.

There may well be readers of this blog that vote for Trump. I fully respect that. I value all readers, regardless of their opinions. I would, however, be happy if some of such proponents would be so kind as to explain in the comments field how they can relate the lies and badmouthing with traditional Republican values. I am curious as to how anyone can overlook the double-speak from the lips of sitting President Trump…

Regardless of political opinions, there are valid reasons for wanting to vote by mail. When you are in the middle of a pandemic, standing in long rows while waiting to vote is not the optimal decision. Staying away from gathering in large crowds IS the only sensible thing, especially for people who could be hit even harder by the corona virus.

Wishing all readers a happy weekend.